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Lumbar Spondylosis

Lumbar spondylosis is the term given to normal wear and tear of the lumbar (lower back) spinal discs. As we age, spinal discs lose moisture and shrink, bone spurs develop, and bones because weaker. While many people over 50 experience mild lumbar spondylosis, most experience no symptoms. If you are experiencing symptoms, it likely means the condition is progressing and could cause other, more serious spinal conditions.


Common symptoms of lumbar spondylosis that may vary from case to case include: • Intermittent back pain that may radiate to the extremities • Joint or muscular stiffness upon awakening • Muscle weakness and/or tingling in the back, buttocks, legs, and other affected areas • Numbness or loss of sensation in the affected areas • Tenderness in the area of nerve compression • Loss of bowel or bladder control


Since the purpose of the lumbar spine is to support your body weight, over time the L1-S1 vertebrae become worn and compressed from repetitive motion, heavy lifting, and weight gain. Common causes include: • Herniated or bulging discs, Bone spurs, Spine abnormalities, Arthritis of the spine

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